BOGP Lizards

What are the BOGP Lizards?

The Be Our Guest Podcast Lizards are the running squad for the show!  We are all Disney friends supporting each other to achieve a healthier lifestyle. Runners. Walkers. Waddlers and Cheer Squad. Lizards all!

How did the Lizards come about?

It was really just a joke actually, at first. One of our listeners wrote in about how they loved the little lizards that are seen all around Walt Disney World property.  We were setting up our running squad about that time and the joke was made that we should choose the Lizard as our mascot because they are fast and agile.  Needless to say, it stuck.  And we are the BOGP Lizards!

How can I join the Lizards?

The Lizards can be found mainly via a private Facebook page...which can be found at  The page is really a support system for all.  It's proof that no matter what your skill level is with getting active...whether you are training for a 5k or a marathon....we're there to cheer you through it all!  If you'd like to join, just send out a request to the page. 

I've seen the Lizard shirts. I want to purchase running swag...but how?

If you'd like to show your support for the Lizards during your run, we do offer shirts/bondi bands/visors/and more periodically.  More information can be found via our Facebook Group. There's nothing like seeing a highlighter yellow shirt running around everyone's town or running in a Disney race.

Is there a charitable aspect I can take part in?

In addition, the Lizards are also raising money for the podcast's favorite charity, Give Kids The World.  It is run by the wonderful Brandi and it's a way to get involved in a bigger way.  You are in no way obligated to raise money, nor is there a set goal that must be collected.  This is all voluntary and you can choose to raise money for any race to reach your target.  We have our team page which allows you to create your own link that you can post to your own social media accounts to help you raise money.  We thank those of you who choose to help in this cause!