Meet the Crew

Mike, Pam, and Rikki

Mike Rahlmann

Lives in St Louis, Missouri with his wife and two daughters. Mike is an avid runner and is constantly getting out there, running all over town.  He hosts the podcast and runs Magical Mouse Radio, a Live 365 station that plays Disney music.   You can follow him on Twitter or on Instagram.You can email Mike at

Rikki Niblett

From St. Louis, but current resides in Atlanta, Georgia with her husband. Rikki is the blog administrator for The Mouse for Less and writes news articles for She is also the owner of A Disney World After All. You can follower her on Twitter or on Instagram. You can email Rikki at


Pam Forrester

Lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with her husband and daughter.  Pam is always looking forward to her next Disney vacation and she is the co-owner of  The Magic for Less Travel. You can follow her on Twitter. You can email Pam at